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Patrick Bankay
Toronto, Canada
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John DuVall
Monroe, Michigan
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Joan Wilcox
Rochester, New York
JW Photography
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Tuesday, 10:24 am

From: Chris Masterson
San Diego, California

Dear Webmaster,

Aare you part of the 40 million webmasters, worldwide, who are desperate for visitor traffic... but until now you have been unsuccessful in getting any? If you're like ther others, you've spend a good hunk of cash on marketing courses, ebooks, and "guru" audio interviews.

I have great news for you. But first, let's take a short quiz. Just one question: If you double a penny every day for a month and what do you get?

Answer now:   $1,000    $10,000    $10 million

The correct answer is: Over 10 million dollars! That's the power of exponential growth, and the Internet is the one medium that can harness that power... for FREE! fully exploits this phenomenon to help generate MASSIVE VISITOR TRAFFIC for your website!

So how does this system work?

Our system is similar to others you may have seen on the Internet with one major difference... our system guarantees traffic to your website! The concept is simple; at the bottom of this page you will notice 6 classified ads.

When you sign up, you will receive a website just like this one with your classified ad in the #1 position! The ad that was in the #1 position will move down to the #2 position, the 2nd ad to the #3 position, and so on with the last classified ad being taken off of the page.

When someone signs up from your website, their classified ad will be placed in the #1 spot with your ad moving to the #2 spot, the 2nd ad moving down to the #3 spot and so on. By the time your classified ad reaches the #6 spot, you will have noticed an amazing amount of FREE traffic!

Okay, if you're new to downline systems, the above explanation may be a bit confusing. Here's a simpler one....

First Phase: Webmasters signup on your level 1

Next Phase: Your "Level 1 Webmasters" promote their FreeViral pages

Next Phase: Your "Level 1 Webmasters" build their downline (and yours!)

Matured Phase: You have a HUGE dowline (which never stops growing!)

A must for everyone!
Serge Belanger
Quebec, Canada
Windmills of Gods
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Produces massive traffic! So impressed, and I love it!
Trina McKinney
Vacaville, Calirornia
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FreeViral is amazing!
Ramiro Morante
Berlin, Germany
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Thank you for all your help!
Cindy Redfern
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Just added $2,000 to my bank account with FreeViral!
David Lake
Burlington, Washington
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My healthy coffee business... FreeViral is helping me with it!
Gerd Stanszus
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So how does my ad spread virally?

Webmasters who signup on your Level 1 will put their ad in the #1 ad position, and yours will get bumped to the #2 spot. Important: Your ad stays there! Your ad will always be in the #2 position on the FreeViral pages of your Level 1 webmasters.

Of course, your Level 1 webmasters will promote their FreeViral pages. As a result, webmasters will signup below them. When that happens, your Level 2 downline is being formed. Your ad will be in the #3 postion. Important: Your ad stays there! Your ad will always be in the #3 position on the FreeViral pages of your Level 2 webmasters.

As your downline grows 5 levels deep, your ad will be present on every FreeViral page, or every webmaster in your downline!

And once your downline matures, you will notice an amazing amount of FREE traffic!

How do I get guaranteed traffic?

When someone signs up from your site, they must first click on your classified ad which will open a new window leading to your main website. They will have to wait a few seconds for the code to appear on a separate frame at the top of the screen.

While they wait, they will have time to read what you have to offer! This can equate to more sales, downline members, affiliate sign-ups, ezine subscribers, etc.! Each classified ad will have to be clicked on to retrieve a unique code meaning that you will receive FREE Traffic throughout all 6 levels!!!

Sounds great! But is there a catch?

Yes, there is a catch. (a teeny-tiny one) The "cost" for using the free traffic system is that you will receive one email message each week. That's it. You don't pay any money for using the system. You'll receive either a member newsletter, or a review of a business product, or a sponsor ad. But no more than one email each week, we promise. What you do with that email message is up to you. You can read it, or delete it without reading it. (or even set your mail filter so you don't even see the message) The good news is that you won't pay a penny for using FreeViral. It's all free!

FreeViral is a GREAT tool!
Ellen Ciccarello
Lutz, Florida
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Real traffic, real clients!
Eva Skerl
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FreeViral... Seize the day. Do it today!
John McDonald
Ashland, Virginia
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Explosion in my stat counter!
Bruce Thompson
Broadway, Virginia
Direct Matches
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Helped me build my business and made me decent money!
Loan Tran
Orange County, California
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FreeViral is Pure Genius! Simple, highly effective, Free! I'm getting loads of traffic!
Adrian Gordon
London, UK
Success University
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How much FREE traffic can I expect?

Lets be extremely conservative and assume that your page and everybody else's pages only get 10 sign-ups:

10 people sign up from you: 1 x 10 = Your ad on 10 new sites
10 people sign up from each of them: 10 x 10 = Your ad on 100 new sites
10 people sign up from each of them: 10 x 100 = Your ad on 1,000 new sites
10 people sign up from each of them: 10 x 1,000 = Your ad on 10,000 new sites
10 people sign up from each of them: 10 x 10,000 = Your ad on 100,000 new sites
10 people sign up from each of them: 10 x 100,000 = Your ad on 1,000,000 new sites

Total: 10+100+1,000+10,000+100,000+1,000,000


This system works amazingly well on the Internet. There is nothing to slow it down. You can setup your viral webpage today and have 5 or 10 sign-ups within a few days! With it being so easy to join you could literally have over 50,000 sites displaying your ad within a short time!

The system works extremely well so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic to your site! Remember, this system doesn't just give you ad exposures, it generates GUARANTEED VISITS to your site, because participants are required to visit your website. And that translates to GUARANTEED MASSIVE VISITOR TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE !!

We also provide FREE Tools to help promote your webpage! Ready to start receiving your FREE TRAFFIC ? Then follow the instructions below!

Sign Up Instructions

STEP 1: Visit each site below to retrieve the codes.

Click on each ad below and a new window will open. You will notice a unique code at the top of each page. Once you retrieve the unique code(s), enter them into the corresponding text boxes below. Once you're done inputting all seven unique codes, please move on to Step #2.

Sponsor Ad Who Else Wants to Put their Search Engine Submissions on Autopilot, put their website on TV news, Radio and in Magazines, and use a half dozen proven traffic generators ?

Enter the codes in the text boxes below:
Sponsor Ad
1st Ad
2nd Ad
3rd Ad
4th Ad
5th Ad
6th Ad

To get the "sponsor ad code" click on the sponsor ad above

1. $$$ Online Money Making Site Setup FREE WITH 5000 FREE LEADS INCLUDED $$$
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5. Try these online promotion tools free!
6. Free Clipart resource!

STEP 2: Register

Fill out the EZ signup form and your new password will be emailed to you. You'll be able to log into your account anytime to change your ad, change your URL, and check your downline referral stats.

Full Name:

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IMPORTANT: No Autoresponders or Junkmail Addresses! You will receive weekly member emails to this address. If any of our emails bounce due to a full mailbox, or if we receive an autoresponder reply, your FreeViral account will be cancelled and your downline will be transferred to another member.
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